Railway workshop services

The DESAG enterprise group posesses three railway workshop sites, whose employees are devoted to the upkeep and maintenance of the company’s rail vehicles.

The workshop in Eberswalde stands for the maintenance, upkeep and reconstruction of freight wagons at the highest level. The workshops focus is the wheel sets refurbishment and comprehensive services starting from revisions to heavy maintenance. From the planning to the quality-compliant handover of the tested vehicles, all work steps are carried out in-house with utmost precision and competence. High quality in providing the required services is the basis of successful work. The workshop is regularly audited and certified according to ISO 9001, ECM4 and is approved according to VPI.
In the future, the maintenance of locomotives will complement the range of services offered by the Eberswalde location.

The Schienenfahrzeugbau Wittenberge GmbH is a recognized workshop that offers the complete range of services for the maintenance and servicing of all rail vehicles in Germany. The workshop has five pit tracks and a modern workshop facility with lifting equipment and cranes as well as shunting and diagnostic technology. Furthermore, the workshop has its own axle sink with a weight of up to 30 t.The strategic location of the workshop on the main routes Berlin-Hamburg and Magdeburg-Rostock makes them particularly attractive for customers.

The workshop in Meyenburg belongs to Schienenfahrzeugbau Wittenberge GmbH and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of rail vehicles operating within the public transport sector.

The Baltic Port Services GmbH is located at the ferry port of Sassnitz / Neu Mukran. The workshop specialises in the maintenance of waggons. The Baltic Port Services is offering its customers the maintenance and upkeep of rail vehicles, port technology, railway infrastructure as well as electrical and energy facilities.
The big workshop building consits of four pit tracks of 50 metres, a lift station up to 4 x 30 t, cranes (2 x 8t), shunting and diagnostic technologies as well as a mobile team.