Rail cargo – We are offering reliable rail transport

It is important to us to offer our clients innovative, intelligent and reliable solutions when it comes to the carriage of goods. In order to be able to offer trouble-free and punctual services, the DESAG operates two companies which are specialised in rail cargo.

The Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH belongs to the ENON GmbH & Co. KG, its parent company. It offers an all around service, consisting of a car pool holding 50 diesel and electric locomotives, its own railway workshops, competent employees managing the area of railway disposition, project managers with many years of experience in the sections of logistics and railway business as well as reliable and innovatively thinking managers.

Both our railroad engineers and our wagon masters are aiming to provide you with a completely frictionless course of action and a cooperation based on trust and confidence. They are keeping up a constant dialogue with our clients.

Our spectrum of services covers the following services:

  • the enablement of single waggon and block train traffic
  • intermodal container traffic
  • maintenance train services
  • the transport of hazardous goods
  • we are providing you with train pilots
  • shunting services
  • the maintenance of industrial siding



The Hanseatisches Bahn Contor GmbH belongs to both the DESAG and the zigsXpress GmbH, the latter being located in Hamburg. The Hanseatisches Bahn Contor GmbH is mainly looking after shunting services at the port of Hamburg. When the company was founded at the beginning of 2015, it signalised a steering towards the business of intermodal train services connecting the port of Hamburg and its surrounding back country.