Cargo handling on rail and by sea

The Deutsche Eisenbahn Service AG has expanded its shares in the ElbePort Wittenberge to enhance the handling of goods from transport carriers operating on rail, by road and by sea. Henceforth, the enterprise group is also concentrating on the areas of storage and cargo handling.

Its trimodal transportation network is clearly an important advantage of the ElbePort, located in Wittenberge. The port can rely on the resourceful and longstanding knowledge of the EGP when it comes to the expansion of land transport. The port’s location and infrastructure are ideal prerequisites for its further growth. Located halfway between Berlin and Hamburg, the ElbePort is attached to the West-East-line of the ICE, connecting Hamburg and Berlin, and the North-South-line from Rostock to Magdeburg. By road, the port’s terminal can be reached via the A14 and the A24.

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