Our team

Our management team possesses longstanding experiences within the areas of railway and logistics.


Dr. Ralf Böhme

Director Operations

Within the DESAG group, Dr. Ralf Böhme is responsible for business operations, particularly for the area of public transport.   

Dr. Böhme, who is an avid supporter of the liberalisation of public transport, can look back at a long career within the railway industry, with his main area of work having been the field of public transport.

Dr. Böhme has been the manager of the Prignitzer Eisenbahn GmbH and the Ostdeutschen Eisenbahn GmbH. He is the manager of the Hanseatische Eisenbahn GmbH.

Dr. Böhme lives together with his partner and has three children.

Jörn Enderlein

Director Logistic

Within the DESAG group, Jörn Enderlein is responsible for the area of logistics and transport.

Mr. Enderlein has been in the railway industry for 20 years now, with experiences in the field of logistics, forwarding and railway. He has been a board member of the ARS Altmann AG Automobillogistik.

Mr. Enderlein is married and has three children.


Tino Hahn

Director Finance

Within the DESAG group, Tino Hahn is responsible for the areas of finances and IT.

Mr. Hahn started off his career with an apprenticeship in the building industry. He also gained his first working experience in this area, before he changed career paths to work within the railway sector. He can look back at nearly 16 years of experience in the railway industry. His main focus is the area of finances, yet he also has varied experiences within the fields of infrastructure and public transport.

Mr. Hahn has been the Head of Finance of the P.E. Arriva Gruppe and the manager of the Autobus Sippel GmbH.

Tino Hahn is married and has two children.